Frequently asked piercing questions

Do I need an appointment for a piercing?

Yes. You now need an appointment to get a piercing. Please read the information on the piercing booking page before booking. Click here to book an appoitment.

How old do I need to be to get a piercing?

12+ with parent for Ear lobes and basic Helix (see our ID policies). 14+ with Parent for most other piercings (see our ID policies below). 16+ with photographic ID (see ID below). 18+ for Nipple & Genital with photographic ID.

Do you use guns?

No! We only use high quality sterlie, single use needles.

Do you pierce babies and children?

We do not pierce anyone under the age of 12.

What ID do I need?

Photographic ID we accept: Passport Driving licence/provisional Citizencard 16+ Oyster card (not valid on 18+ piercings) Student card (with photo, name & DOB) Photo card with original birth certificate For 12-15 year olds we need a parent present to provide parental consent, this means you must bring the following with you: Photo ID for the child, Photo ID for the parent, Full original birth certificate (parent must be named on it) For a legal gaurdian to sign on behalf of a minor, we need court documentation proving legal guardianship along with photo IDs. We do no accept photocopies, photographs etc, all ID's must be original and un-tampered with.

Do you use numbing?

No, numbing gels and sprays can cause severe reaction and are entirely unnecessary!

Do you sell jewellery and can you fit it for me?

Yes! We have a vast array of items in stock for every piercing imaginable to see our selection click here. We only charge £1 per piercing to change jewellery bought from us, or £5 per piercing to fit jewellery bought elsewhere. You may be best booking an appointment for multiple jewellery purchases or fittings so we have enough time to serve you. For one piercing you will likely be fine just walking in during our opening hours. Tuesday - Saturday 12-6.30pm

What jewellery do you pierce with?

We use either solid 14k or 18k gold (availbale in yellow, rose & white varieties). We also offer implant grade, hypoallergenic & nickle free titanium ASTM F-136 , these are by far the best metals for fresh piercings. To see a selection of our jewellery click here.

How should I prepare for getting a piercing done?

Have a good nights rest, shower (wash hair if getting an ear piercing), eat a meal at least an hour before coming into the studio and bring a sugary drink with you if you are feeling very nervous.

Do you pierce female genitals?

Due to changes in the law regarding FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) female genital piercings are now classed as a mutilation as opposed to a modifaction, therefore we are legally not allowed to perform these piercings.

Do you do microdermal implants?

No, we stopped doing them, however we can still remove them at a cost of £10.

I think my piercing is infected

Come into the studio as soon as you can, so we can advise you what to do. In the mean time, avoid touching it and all products. You don't need an appointment for this, come any time during our opening hours (Tuesday to Saturday 12-6.30pm).

My piercing has got a lump, what should I do?

Come by the studio as soon as you can for advice. In the mean time only use sterile saline solution wound wash with a sodium chloride content of 0.09% to clean it and avoid products, touching and removing jewellery. No need to book for this, please come at any time.

Can I be pierced with my own jewellery?

No, we only pierce using high grade sterile jewellery that we supply.

How do I book a piercing appointment.

You can book your piercing appointment directly on the Piercing Booking page of our website. Please ensure that you read all of the information on the page before booking. You must pay a £10 or £20 deposit in order to secure your booking. This price comes off the balance due on the day of your appointment.