As many businesses begin to reopen, after a 3 months + of lock down, some customers may be nervous about supporting their favourite businesses out of fear of catching the virus. We believe that licensed tattoo and piercing studios are some of the safest places to be, due to our high levels of training and experience in infection & cross-contamination control, our rigorous cleaning regime and safe working practices.


On Thursday 9th July, the government finally gave us and other tattoo and piercing studios the green light to reopen, ending a near 4-month, nationwide tattoo and piercing drought.  We will finally reopened on Tuesday 14th July. We've been working hard behind the scenes in preparation for re-opening to ensure that we have done all that we possibly can to reduce the spread of the virus within the studio. 



We have completed a Coronavirus Risk Assessment using government guidance entitled  "Working Safely during Covid-19 in Shops and Branches" as guidance, adapted for the unique working environment of tattoo and piercing studios. This Risk Assessment has been used to inform the measures we have put in place to keep everyone safe.

Customers are advised NOT to come to the studio if they have any of the symptoms of Covid-19 including:


  • A new and continuous cough; 

  • A fever (hot to the touch on the chest or back); 

  • A loss of taste and smell.


Anyone displaying any of the above symptoms, will not be allowed into the studio, so please do not book an appointment or come to the studio if you, or someone you live with has any of these symptoms.



Maintaining a safe social distance is very important in controlling the spread of the virus. For us this means controlling the number of people in the studio at any one time. In order to help us to achieve this we have done the following:

      The number of people allowed in our reception area will be strictly controlled. Customers will have to form         a queue outside the studio (at 2m intervals) until called in by our receptionist. 

  1. Piercing customers will now have to book an appointment in order to get a piercing (no more walk-ins for piercings). Clients will be able to book their own appoinments on our website. The online booking system will go live on our site once we know when we will be able to reopen. 


  3. Customers wishing to buy or fit jewellery, or for tattoo or piercing advice, will not need to book an appointment and can still come to the studio at any time during our opening hours. These customers will have to wait outside until called into the studio to be served.


  5. Customers will also now be required to book an appointment for tattoos (no more walk ins) .All customers will now be required to come to the studio on their own. Family and friends will no longer be allowed to watch or offer moral support. The exception to this is for under 16's requiring a piercing who must be accompanied by a parent. In line with government guidance, we will not be doing any nasal piercings, oral piercings or facial tattoos until further notice. The piercings that we are unable to do include: Nose, nose bridge, septum, lip (madonna, medusa, labret, monroe, vertical labret), tongue, tongue web, smiley, cheek). These measures are necessary in order to help stop the spread of covid-19. 



Wherever it will not be possible to maintain a safe distance of 2m, for example while tattooing or piercing, we will control the spread of the virus by using appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

  1. From Friday 24th July all customers entering the  studio will be required to wear a face mask. Customers are advised to bring their own mask with them to their appointment. Those who do not have one, will be able to buy one in the studio for only £2.

  2. Our team members will always wear a face mask or a visor while tattooing or piercing. 

  3. We have installed a sneeze guard on reception, and customers must stay behind this when interacting with our receptionist. 



1. All customers will be required to wash their hands with soap and warm water, on entering the studio. If washing with soap and water is not possible  customers must sanitise their hands with a 70% alcohol hand sanitiser. Washing and hand sanitising stations will be clearly marked throughout the studio.

2. We will maintain and increase the frequency of the already rigorous cleaning regime already in place in our studio. In addition, the frequency of cleaning surfaces or areas that are frequently touched or frequented will be increased. These include:

·         Light switches;​

·         Door handles;

·         Payment terminals;

·         Seating, including client and artist chairs;

·         Reception Counter and jewellery display cabinets;

·         Bathroom.