Walthamstow, London

Open Tues-Saturday

12 noon to 7:00pm

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Meet Our Tattoo Artists in Walthamstow, London

The minimum price for tattoos is £50, rising to £60 for areas of the body that are more difficult to tattoo such as the torso and neck. Tattoos are priced individually dependent on size, complexity, location and style. For tattoos that will require a few sessions to complete such as a full sleeve or a back piece, we may charge at our hourly rates which are as follows.

Stefan  - £80/hour

Nico      -  £80/hour

We also offer day rates which range from £450 - £550. 

We recommend booking an appointment, especially on larger pieces, but we do accept walk-ins. It is best to come into the studio to discuss your ideas with one of our artists and to book an appointment. Please note that a deposit (£20-£150) will be required in order to book your appointment. 

You can also email your ideas to us at studio.69@hotmail.co.uk